Linda Allen

aka S.A.S.S.
"Tu Luce La Threads"

                aka MT. Man:
         "I'll Drink To That"

Traditional General Store
"have store will travel"

context"Here you will find clothing, hats, jewelry all from the 1800's. Step back in time!" keywords"clothing 1800's, fur' furs', historical events, rendezvous, S.A.S.S."
  Have Store Will Travel

contact me: email         or by phone: 801 261 1756

Events where  you will find the Store setup:

24- 28th
Estrella War
SCA Event
Queen Creek, AZ

March 4-6

Wild Wild West  Con
Old Tuscan, AZ

March 11- 13
Arizona Wild West Fest
Cave Creek, AZ

March 19-20
Picacho Peak
Civil War Event
Casa Grande, AZ

March 25-27
Easter Rendezvous
Ft. Buenaventura, Ogdon, Utah

April 23-24
Cowboy Festival
William S. Hart Park
Santa Clarita, CA

April 29-May 1
Genoa Cowboy Festival
Geneoa, Nevada

May 24-30
Not this year, but next year
Jackson Hole , Wy

Click on Old West Days on page

June 9-12
Nevada State Fair
Carson City, Nevada
Nevada State Fair

.July 22-31
Cheyenne Frontier Days
Cheyenne, WY

August 16-21
Clackamas County Fair
Canby, OR

Sept 1-5

Gold rush Days
Old Sacramento,

October 13-16
Not This Year
Jersey Lilly
Norco, CA

October 15, 16
  Civil War Event
Tom's Farm, Corona

October 22,23
Civil War Event
Fresno, CA
Kearney Park

Moved to April 2017
new location

Civil War Event
Moorpark, CA

November 7-13 
Not this year
Death Valley 49ers
Furnace Creek, CA
Death Valley 49ers

"Have Store Will Travel"


Traditional General Store - an 1800’s general store


  A little bit about what the Traditional General Store is about.  I started as a blanket trader back  in 1978 in Washington State.  I was making items of leather and beads and sold them on a blanket at Rendezvous' to support our family going out and enjoying the sport of the Mountain Man and it has escalated since then to become an "1800 Traveling General Store".  I do Historical events such as Mountain Man Rendezvous', Civil War Events, S.A.S.S (Single Action Shooting Society, S.C.A. (The Society for Creative Anachronism),Clackamus County Fair (a Pioneer village for over 30 years), Old Sacramento Gold Rush Days, many events I have helped put on and much more as long as History was involved.  Most of what is in the Traditional General Store has some relevance to American History.  If one does not go out with something in their hands they go out with something they earned without having to read it in a book.
Our Motto is:  "If we don't have it you really didn't need it"

I carry a line of clothing ( I make the majority of clothing that I carry) for the woman, man and children from outer garments to undergarments, hats, jewelry, watches, sundials, shoes, and accessories for women and men.  We have musical instruments, trunks, furs, fur hats, leather bags, fur bags, necklaces, kids toys, games, antler products such as candle sticks, quill pens, ink wells, journals, powdered ink, hair ties, Indian items, suckers, buttons and things, turtle shells, bones, skulls etc.  A lot of our items have the written history that lets the people read about how they related to American history.  If it doesn’t have the written history then we give it to them verbally.  So even if they do not go out with a purchase they at least have gain a little knowledge.

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